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شمـا میتوانیــد برای دیافت آخرین مطالب و آگاهی از آخریـن اخبــار موزیـک در ایمیـــل خـود در خبــرنامـه ثـبت نـام کنــید


Chances are that you've deleted a file by accident. Sometimes you're lucky enough to still have it lingering around in your recycle bin, other times you panic after realizing you emptied it three days ago.

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Keeping your Windows clean is not always easy job and sometimes it can be quite time consuming. Although there are plenty of third party tools for Windows that promise to do this job the best possible way, you cannot always be sure how good they done entire process. However, in Windows 7 you do not need any third party tools to keep your Windows clean and running smoothly thanks to tool called Disk Cleanup. Running this tool is nothing complicated but if you are busy person it can happen that you forget to use it on regular bases. In this tutorial I will show you how you can schedule this tool to clean your Windows at any desired time without any additional actions from you.

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